There is some rich history to discover in Astoria, Oregon. It’s packed with interesting historical facts and fun things you might have yet to learn before visiting northern Oregon. The best place to start your historical journey through Astoria, Oregon, and other points of interest in the north part of the state is to book directly with Astoria Riverwalk Inn. Here are some things to add to your history itinerary when you visit Astoria, Oregon.

  • Astoria Column: This monument was built in 1926 to commemorate the discovery of the Columbia River by Captain Robert Gray. It’s a fun place to visit because you can climb to the top of the column for panoramic views of the city and beyond.
  • Fort Clatsop: This fort served as a shelter during the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805-1806. When you visit, you can explore a faithful replica of the fort and learn more about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
  • Oregon Film Museum: This museum celebrates Oregon’s storied film history, including the many movies filmed in Astoria, Oregon. Inside the museum, you will see props and costumes, and more. There are also interactive displays that allow visitors to learn about the filmmaking process.
  • Columbia River Maritime Museum: This museum is for you to know about one of Astoria’s standout attractions. Its exhibits include historic boats, artifacts from shipwrecks, and interactive displays.
  • Fort Stevens State Park: During World War II, this area was fortified to defend the mouth of the Columbia River. Today, guests can learn about this historic moment, walk the beach, and go hiking.

Explore And Learn About Astoria, Oregon

Whether you’re interested in history, nature, or culture, Astoria, Oregon, has something to offer every visitor. You can start your adventure at Astoria Riverwalk Inn. We are located right off the Astoria Riverwalk. Each of the Inn’s 114 rooms offers a deck with glorious views of the Columbia River. Guests can also enjoy in-room coffee and tea, free high-speed wireless internet, complimentary bicycles (during biking season), etc. Please check availability to book your Astoria, Oregon, getaway (or call us directly at 503-325-2013).