Video games always make for a fun and simple pleasure. It’s one of the reasons why it has turned into a billion-dollar industry. Some of the industry’s roots are tied to arcades. A once more widespread and typical sight has become almost extinct in the United States. However, the scene is making a gradual comeback with retro arcades and barcades. There is a number of arcades in Astoria, Oregon area. It’s a great way to blow off some steam, have fun, and perhaps reconnect with your childhood while you stay at Astoria Riverwalk Inn. Here are some fantastic places in and near Astoria, Oregon, to play arcade games.


This is an outstanding barcade set in downtown Astoria, Oregon. The establishment makes an immediate impression when you first walk in. The neon lights harken back to what arcades in Oregon were like long ago. There is an excellent selection of local craft beer to drink and pizza. There is also an outdoor dining area, so if the weather is nice, get out on the patio for a pizza before playing more arcade games.

Gizmo’s Arcade and Eatery

Gizmo’s has something for everyone. It has classic arcade games, crane games, and pinball. This place has party packages if you bring a large group or celebrate something special. Check out their specialty hotdogs like the Lunch Lady, Chili Dog, or Portlander when it comes to their food offerings. 

Funland Entertainment Center

You can find Funland Entertainment Center in Seaside, Oregon. It’s a great establishment with many different things to do and games to play. Jump into a bumper car, watch the whale racing, or try your hand at one of the many arcade games. It’s advertised as one of the largest arcades in northern Oregon. 

Game On in Astoria, Oregon

The arcades in Oregon are a great place to kill time and create fun new memories. You can do that and more in Astoria, Oregon. The Astoria Riverwalk Inn is the best place in downtown Astoria, Oregon, to see all the best sights, shops, restaurants, and more. Read through our travel blog for more attractions to better understand what makes Astoria, Oregon, so unique. The Astoria Riverwalk Inn is located right off the Astoria Riverwalk. Every one of the Inn’s 115 rooms offers a deck with glorious views of the Columbia River. Guests can also enjoy in-room coffee and tea, free high-speed wireless internet, complimentary bicycles, and much more. Please check availability to book your Astoria, Oregon, getaway (or call us directly at 503-325-2013).