Going on a vacation means being able to relax and enjoy yourself. So when you go out to eat at one or more of Astoria’s fantastic restaurants, go ahead and treat yourself to a dessert. There are many delicious dessert food plates in Astoria, Oregon, to try. When you plan your Oregon getaway, make sure you stay at Astoria Riverwalk Inn. We are right on the Astoria Riverwalk, as you can guess. This means that you will be within walking distance of some of the best food in the Astoria, Oregon, area. Make room for dessert. Here are some of the best and irresistible food in Astoria, Oregon.

Bridgewater Bistro

Location: 20 Basin St. Ste. A

Dessert To Try: Chocolate-Kahlua Silk Pie

This is possibly the first place that you will want to stop in. Bridgewater Bistro is less than two city blocks from Astoria Riverwalk Inn. It is a waterfront restaurant that gives you an excellent view when you eat one of their phenomenal desserts. Try the Chocolate-Kahlua Silk Pie, Lemon Posset, or the Double Fudge Brownie Sundae.

T. Paul’s Supper Club

Location: 360 12th St.

Dessert To Try: Lemon Lava

T. Paul’s Supper Club has a great dinner menu so you won’t be disappointed with your main course. However, the desserts happen to be just as good. Take a bite of the Lemon Lava. It’s a lemon custard moist cake finished with raspberry puree. There is also a Crème Brulee Cheesecake and Raspberry Rhubarb Crisp; all standout desserts.

South Bay Wild Fish House

Location: 262 9th St.

Dessert To Try: Root Beer Float

If you are looking for a simple pleasure, look no further than South Bay Wild Fish House. It’s an authentic sea-to-plate experience at the South Bay. The desserts are reliable treats such as the Root Beer Float, French Vanilla Ice Cream, and Grand Marnier Bread Pudding. 

Frite and Scoop

Location: 175 14th St.

Dessert to try: Spicy Honey Fries

If you are looking for a dessert to take on the go, then Frite and Scoop have you covered. Here you have your choice of ice cream, cake pops, or fries. It’s fantastic finger food, especially the Spicy Honey Fries. Also remarkable is the Waffle Bowl or a simple single scoop ice cream cone.

Astoria, Oregon Has a Dessert Plate for You

The Astoria Riverwalk Inn is at the center of great food in Oregon. We know this because the best places to eat are within walking distance of the Astoria Riverwalk Inn. Every one of the Inn’s 115 rooms offers a deck with beautiful views of the Columbia River. Guests can also enjoy in-room coffee, free high-speed wireless internet, complimentary bicycles, and more. Please check availability online to book your Astoria, Oregon, getaway (or call us 503-325-2013).