The sprawling natural beauty that encircles the city of Astoria, Oregon, plays host to a bevy of recreational activities, such as hiking, birding, and boating. However, the mechanism of choice for many is a bicycle, whether that’s a state-of-the-art Co-Motion cyclocross or a standard Schwinn cruiser. For many Oregonians, bicycling is a lifestyle—one that requires patience, flexibility, and a penchant for the countryside. Thus, the city boasts a bustling Astoria bike shop to meet the needs of the populace, local and traveler alike. The aptly-named Astoria Riverwalk Inn is located along the most popular stretch of asphalt and wood in the region, a 6.4-mile rail-trail that hugs the Columbia River. Yes, we’re talking about the famous Astoria Riverwalk.

The Best Astoria Bike Shop: Bikes & Beyond

Whether you require repairs, some vibrant new gear, or a new, made-in-Oregon bicycle, the most reputable Astoria bike shop remains Bikes & Beyond, located in the heart of downtown. Yes, they also have bike rentals at a reasonable price, but Astoria Riverwalk Inn is happy to provide complimentary bicycles at the front desk. Bikes & Beyond is unique because they always seem to have an eclectic mix of vintage bicycles from several different eras. It’s also worth noting that Bike Envy also offers the essentials in neighboring Warrenton.

Find Your Inspiration on the Asphalt

After gearing up at the finest Astoria bike shop, sipping on a cold brew, and mapping your route, it’s time to hit the asphalt. As stated earlier, the most beloved path in the city remains the Astoria Riverwalk. Many travelers utilize the riverwalk to observe the unhurried ships, snap photos of the Columbia River, and savor a craft beer or two. While it’s labeled as a “riverwalk,” much of the route is smooth asphalt that follows a now-defunct railroad. The railroad itself has a long, unique history, dating back to 1853. It’s not easy to find a six-plus-mile stretch of nonmotorized asphalt near a city of this size. The Columbia River’s calming beauty, combined with multi-century jetties, sandy dunes, and faraway mountains, creates quite the scene. Some of the most peaceful coastal Oregon bike rides can also be discovered at these nearby destinations:

Photo of a Themed Room at the Inn, Just a Trolley Away from the Astoria Bike Shop.Contemporary Astoria Lodging

After an afternoon of sights, sounds, and semi-strenuous cycling on the most beautiful coastal Oregon bike trails, return to Astoria Riverwalk Inn, the city’s crown jewel. Not only is this classic Astoria hotel located along the tranquil riverwalk, but the Old 300 Trolley picks up travelers from the parking lot. You’ll have swift access to the city’s most beloved restaurants, breweries, shops, and bars. The hotel itself is known for its distinctly-decorated themed rooms, which range from “Boat Yard” to “Canning” and “Astoria Bridge.” Please give us a call today at 503-325-2013 to learn more about a potential escape to the oldest city west of the Rocky Mountains.