The Oregon Coast is right in a sweet spot between Northern California’s Redwoods and southern Washington’s many bays, where towering cliffs and dense forestry flank the vast Pacific. Magnificently nestled along the gaping Columbia River lies Astoria, Oregon, a historic and undeniably picturesque slice of the Coast. Travelers flock to this idyllic river town to learn about the region’s absorbing historical significance, devour a bevy of mouthwatering cuisines, and taste-test some of the wildest ales in the state. And it’s not uncommon for these same folks to embark on a journey to a couple of the most enthralling (and strenuous) Oregon Coast hikes in the surrounding forestry.

The Top 5 Oregon Coast Hikes near the Astoria Riverwalk

The charming Astoria Riverwalk Inn remains a prized hub for all things adventurous, historical, and culinary. As our name suggests, we’re ideally located along the town’s peaceful Columbia Riverwalk (as well as the Old 300 Trolley). The most beloved Oregon Coast hikes are a short drive from our elegant Astoria hotel—nearby highlights include Haystack Rock, Saddle Mountain, and the Astoria Column.

Cathedral Tree Trail / Astoria Column

The brief albeit somewhat steep stroll to Coxcomb Hill’s peak is as rewarding as any other over-popular Oregon Coast hike. Cathedral Tree itself is a massive, 300-year-old Sitka spruce that towers 200 feet above the earth. Hikers often marvel at the snails, mushrooms, and thick vegetation that line the trail en route to the Astoria Column and its sprawling views of the Columbia River valley.

Clatsop Spit / Fort Stevens State Park

Fort Stevens State Park encompasses the state’s northwest corner, just 7.5 miles west of Astoria Riverwalk Inn. Inside the park, you’ll discover the dazzling Peter Iredale shipwreck, a historic fort, and a black-rock jetty, known to many as the “Clatsop Spit.” About an hour of exploration is required at this quick yet engrossing stop.

Ecola State Park / Haystack Rock

One of the things that tie Haystack Rock and Astoria together is Richard Donner’s classic film, The Goonies. You might not find a more heavenly beach in the Pacific Northwest. And the best vantage point of the jagged rocks that jut above the ocean is the Indian Beach Trail. Please keep in mind that winter storms have affected some accessibility.

Cape Falcon

Cape Falcon remains one of our favorite (and most invigorating) Oregon Coast hikes, primarily because the climax is so incredibly breathtaking. You’ll also have ample time to picnic, surf, or sunbathe on Short Sand Beach, overlooking jaw-dropping Smuggler Cove. Oswald West State Park is a full-day excursion for most nature enthusiasts.

Saddle Mountain

As of early July, Saddle Mountain remains caged off from the general public. However, it’s only a matter of time before access is once again granted. Saddle Mountain is the most challenging of these five Oregon Coast hikes, but it may be the most spellbinding, as the views from the peak are indescribably awe-inspiring. Note: Only avid hikers should attempt this strenuous safari.

Photo of a Themed Room at the Inn, Just a Few Miles Away from the Best Oregon Coast Hikes.Waterfront Hotels in Astoria: The Riverwalk Inn

After a full day of hiking near Astoria, return to the Inn for a memorable night in town. Indulge in fresh-caught seafood and award-winning craft beer before slipping back into your uniquely-themed guest room. As the first waterfront hotel in Astoria, we’re quite busy during summer’s golden radiance and autumn’s peak. So, please don’t hesitate to book directly to lock in a reservation and avoid hidden, third-party fees.