Surprising to no one, downtown Astoria, Oregon, remains one of the Pacific Northwest’s most beloved shopping and dining districts. It has it all: award-winning craft breweries, aromatic coffee shops, high-end clothing stores, and fresh-caught seafood galore! If only there were a means of transportation to get travelers from the Astoria Riverwalk Inn into the heart of downtown. But, of course, the Old 300 Riverfront Trolley offers $1 rides to and from our riverfront abode. Our complimentary bicycle rentals also come in handy for those who would prefer to add a small dose of exercise into the fold.

Downtown Astoria, Oregon: The Best of the Best

In an effort to amplify your trip into historic downtown Astoria, Oregon, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the district’s best breweries, restaurants, shops, and attractions. Instead of semi-blindly searching for the “top things to do in Astoria, Oregon,” it might be easier to bookmark this article for future reference.

Top 5 Breweries/Cideries

It’s easy to get “lost” in the nostalgia of downtown Astoria, Oregon. History, culinary arts, architecture, and libations collide in a whirlwind of jollification. Naturally, we’re starting this handy guide with craft beverages, mainly beer, which typically has us thinking about So Long, Astoria, The Ataris’ love letter to “Goonie-land.” It’s also worth noting that we recently compiled an Astoria brewery guide.

Top 5 Restaurants: Fresh Fish Daily!

There are literally dozens of restaurants in or near downtown Astoria, Oregon, not unlike any other comparable city. It’s nearly impossible to “try them all” during one visit, even if you’re visiting for a full week. Thus, take our advice, and try these five downtown staples. Don’t expect a posh atmosphere. Astoria is all about culinary creations and less about the aesthetics, which is evident at both Bowpicker and Būsu.

Top 5 Shops (That Won’t Break the Bank)

Unfortunately, we had to leave Gimre’s Shoes off this shopping list, primarily because it’s not overly “touristy.” Unless, of course, you’re hoping to set foot inside one of the 10 oldest shoe stores in America! The fivesome of shops listed below wholly encapsulates the downtown appeal.

Top 5 Attractions: Museums, Markets, and More!

Too many attractions, too little time! A while back, we wrote about the area’s most beloved museums, which goes hand in hand with this helpful guide. Narrowly “missing the cut” was the Flavel House Museum, Garden of Surging Waves, Liberty Theatre, and Museum of Whimsy. There are so many distinctive distractions in downtown Astoria, Oregon. No two trips down Commercial Street are alike.

The Quintessential Hotel in Astoria, Oregon

Photo of a Themed Room at the Riverwalk Inn, Just a Trolley Ride from Downtown Astoria, Oregon.Start and finish each day of adventure, exploration, and relaxation at the Astoria Riverwalk Inn. As mentioned earlier, we provide complimentary bicycle rentals for those that don’t want to utilize our location along the Riverfront Trolley route. We’re proud to be one of the only hotels in the region to boast “themed rooms,” an ode the Columbia River. For those new to the area, our riverside community is the oldest city in the Pacific Northwest. Frequent travelers instantly get swept away by the historical significance, nautical whimsy, and natural beauty. To learn more about our incredibly convenient, affordable inn, please visit our website. Click the “Book Now” button to start planning your next getaway!