During the winter, storm watching is a popular activity along the Oregon coast. It’s an opportunity to marvel at mother nature’s power. Of course, it’s vital to storm watch from a safe space. Nonetheless, it’s an astonishing thing to do in Oregon, and Astoria is an ideal place to start storm watching. Use Astoria Riverwalk Inn as your home base while you are out storm watching. Here are some tips for storm watching from Astoria, Oregon.

Stay Safe

One of the essential aspects of storm watching is doing it from a safe distance. So scout out the area before you leave. Make sure to keep your eye on the weather forecast too. You will want to find a location above the waves and away from rocky areas. Because it is a popular hobby, some areas have barricades to protect you. Don’t go where it is unsafe.

Where To Storm Watch In Oregon

As we stated before, storm watching in Oregon is a popular activity. This means there are plenty of great places to storm watch. Even near Astoria, Oregon. Here are the best.

See An Unforgettable Sight In Oregon

We know that you will want to return once you get a taste of the storm watching around Astoria, Oregon. Again, the best time to start your storm watching journey is at the Astoria Riverwalk Inn. The Astoria Riverwalk Inn is located right off the Astoria Riverwalk. Each of the Inn’s 114 rooms offers a deck with glorious views of the Columbia River. Guests can also enjoy in-room coffee and tea, free high-speed wireless internet, complimentary bicycles (during biking season), etc. Please check availability to book your Astoria, Oregon, getaway (or call us directly at 503-325-2013).