Willamette Weekly once dubbed Astoria as “the best place in Oregon for a weekend bender,” primarily because this historic Columbia River-side community boasts an eclectic mix of craft breweries, wine bars (such as Brut Wine Bar and WineKraft Wine Bar), and classic taverns. There’s no denying that we love our artisanal beverages, including coffee and tea. Once the sun slowly dips behind neighboring Warrenton and the vast Columbia River, bustling downtown hushes. But there are several bars in Astoria, Oregon, that gleefully extend the evening, many of which are a short walk from Astoria Riverwalk Inn.

3 Unique Bars in Astoria, Oregon

Whether you’re a sucker for a tall pint of beer, an eye-popping cocktail, or a glass of fine wine, you’ll quickly find your niche in Oregon’s oldest town. We’ve hand-selected three distinctive bars in Astoria, Oregon, that perfectly encapsulate the region’s overall allure, ranging from a sleek whiskey bar to a riverfront lounge and a 98-year-old staple. Naturally, the perfect place to start your night is on 13th Street.

1. Blaylock’s Whiskey Bar

Blaylock’s Whiskey Bar is often overlooked because it rests across 13th Street from Reach Break Brewing and Reveille Ciderworks, a match made in heaven. However, Blaylock’s remains the sleekest joint in town, with its wall of 200-plus whiskey bottles, handcrafted lighting, renowned mixology team, and dazzling cocktail concoctions. After dark, the whiskey bar transforms into a dimly-lit glimpse into the past, when places like Blaylock’s thrived while most people were sound asleep in bed. You’ll have the rare opportunity to taste-test a bevy of rare whiskeys from Sweden, India, Australia, Wales, Israel, and everywhere in between.

2. Inferno Lounge

Inferno Lounge is the town’s premier blast from the past. Yes, the Columbia River views are sublime. But Inferno’s most enticing attribute is its aesthetic: rich upholstery, old-world chandeliers, and vibrant cocktails. Once the sun fades, the already-dim lighting masterfully reflects off the interior’s many deep shades of red, creating a visual inferno that pairs flawlessly with the house cocktails and martinis that range from madcap to familiar.

3. Portway

Embarking on a short walk from Astoria Riverwalk Inn to Portway is somewhat of a “rite of passage” for so many travelers. Portway’s journey began in 1923, making it one of the oldest bars in Astoria, Oregon—a town with over 200 years of history. Portway attracts locals, travelers, and foodies alike. Upon arrival, you can simultaneously play video slots, sip on an affordable adult beverage, and munch on classic bar grub, including burgers, steak, and beer-battered fish. Merry Time Bar and Grill offers a similar vibe, but it’s impossible to replicate Portway’s friendly atmosphere and friendly waitstaff.

Extended Weekend Getaways in Oregon: Astoria Riverwalk Inn

Photo of a Riverwalk Inn Themed Room, Just Steps from Some of the Best Bars in Astoria, Oregon.Start and finish each day of exploration, relaxation, and libations at Astoria Riverwalk Inn, the town’s most romantic hotel. Our marina-front inn serves as the gateway to Oregon’s coast, including Fort Stevens State Park, Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, and Cannon Beach. Astoria Riverwalk Inn itself is known for its themed rooms, all of which provide a different look into the town’s storied past. On-site amenities include fishing guides, local coffee, a fitness center, pet-friendly accommodations, and water views.

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