Oregon has some gorgeous hiking trails. A lot of the time, a unique feature on a trail can make for a great photo opportunity or simply a moment to reflect and catch your breath. Oregon waterfalls fit both of those descriptions. and there are plenty of hiking trails near Astoria, Oregon, where you can find picturesque waterfalls. At Astoria Riverwalk Inn, we want to highlight three of the best in the state.

Youngs River Falls 

This is a great place to start, and it isn’t far from Astoria Riverwalk Inn. The trail is less than a mile long, making it an excellent hike for those not interested in a long trek. Because of its short length, it won’t take you long to get to the waterfall and start taking some pictures. The waterfall is more than 65 feet tall. Some trivia about this location is that this waterfall is featured in Free Willy 2 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3

Fishhawk Falls

This is a unique waterfall that, at first glance, might not appear to be one. The falls here trickle down the rocks branching off in different directions. It’s a particular waterfall in that regard because the water doesn’t simply fall straight down. You can see where the water has carved its way through the rock side, and you’ll notice areas mostly untouched by the stream due to the thick moss coverings.

Gnat Creek Falls

If you are interested in seeing a large waterfall, you will have to walk the Gnat Creek Trail. This waterfall drops about 100 feet, but the journey to see it is the highlight. The waterfall is in a 100-year forest with thick and old plant growth everywhere. There is little doubt that you won’t see a variety of plants, wildlife, and rock formations on your roughly eight-mile hike.

The Waterfalls Aren’t the Only Thing That’s Scenic in Oregon

While not every trail has waterfalls, be sure to check out more of the scenic trails in Oregon. You won’t be disappointed. You can start by stepping out of your room at the Astoria Riverwalk Inn and begin walking on the Riverwalk Trail. It will take you through downtown Astoria and more. Every one of the Inn’s 115 rooms offers a deck with beautiful views of the Columbia River. Guests can also enjoy in-room coffee, free high-speed wireless internet, complimentary bicycles, and more. Please check availability online to book your Astoria, Oregon, getaway (or call us 503-325-2013).