Just take one look around on your stay in Astoria, Oregon, and you won’t be able to shake the urge to get out and explore the natural beauty. Stepping out of Astoria Riverwalk Inn and exploring Astoria hiking trails is one simple and rewarding way to see what the area has to offer. So bring your family and pets along.

Top 5 Hiking Trails Near Astoria

  • If you’re just in the area for a brief time and you want a glimpse of Astoria’s history, walk along the two-mile Historic Astoria Loop. You’ll see a mix of 19th century and early 20th-century homes as well as a piece of the riverfront.
  • Are you looking for a short tour through Astoria’s wooded nature? Look no further than the Astoria Demonstration Forest Hike, which is about two and a half miles long. Be on the lookout for lush small, and immense forest growth throughout the trail.
  • Coffenbury Lake Loop will give you a chance to see some more of the waterways in the area. The trail is about two and a half miles, and it’s a great spot to bring the family for a dip in its summer swimming area.
  • For experienced hikers, Astoria has plenty to offer. For instance, those who want to explore almost 13 miles of riverfront can check out the Astoria Riverwalk. When staying with Astoria Riverwalk Inn, guests have instant access to this 13-mile paved trail. It spans the entire Columbia River. This lengthy hike will bring you near historic landmarks as well as stores and pubs.
  • If 13 miles is a bit too much, there is the Skipanon River Loop. It spans seven miles and features a variety of wildlife along the waterways.

Are you feeling adventurous about Astoria Hiking? Book a hotel in Astoria, Oregon, with us at the Astoria Riverwalk Inn. For friends and family that want to skip hiking Astoria also offers fantastic restaurants, yoga, and more downtown. Please check availability (or call us directly at 503-325-2013).