The growing culinary scene in Astoria, Oregon, continues to wow foodies and casual travelers alike, thanks in large part to its eclectic mixture of food carts, seafood shanties, brewpubs, and gourmet bistros. Astoria Riverwalk Inn, the city’s most romantic boutique hotel, rests along the water’s edge, just a short walk or a trolley ride from the best restaurants in Astoria, Oregon. We couldn’t think of a better way to commemorate a full day of coastal hikes, bike rides, and downtown exploration than with dinner and drinks at one of these 10 spectacular eateries.

The Best Restaurants in Astoria, Oregon

In hopes of enhancing the already-stellar guest experience, the Riverwalk Inn’s team has compiled a shortlist of our 10 favorite restaurants in Astoria, Oregon. Admittedly, it was a lot of fun revisiting each of these stellar dining experiences, ranging from grab-and-go food carts to elegant steakhouses. Below you’ll find everything from the best dive to the best European fare. We’ll let you decide which option best suits your group of hungry travelers. Bon appétit!

Best Brewpub: Fort George

What a combination: hazy IPAs, monster burgers (or behemoth pizzas), and a one-of-a-kind brewpub atmosphere.

Best Dining Experience: Bridgewater Bistro

Less than two city blocks from Astoria Riverwalk Inn rests Bridgewater Bistro, an elegant, waterfront restaurant serving everything from seared, orange marmalade salmon to Alaskan cod street tacos and chili lime Gulf prawns.

Best Dive: Portway

A pint at Portway is a “rite of passage.” It’s hard to resist those “everything” burgers, complete with a mess of crispy waffle fries.

Best European Fare: Drina Daisy

It’s exceedingly hard to find authentic Euro-Mediterranean cuisines in the Pacific Northwest. Drina Daisy brilliantly fills that void.

Best Food Cart: Surf 2 Soul

Mad props to the Sasquatch Sandwich Shop and The Roll and Bowl, but Surf 2 Soul’s Pacific Northwest-style Southern comfort food is simply to-die-for!

Best Seafood: South Bay Wild

The authentic sea-to-plate experience at South Bay is worth revisiting time and time again, especially if you have a penchant for fish tacos, crab cakes, oysters, or fish and chips (done five different ways)!

Photo of Fish and Chips at a Restaurant in Astoria, Oregon.Best Shanty: Bowpicker Fish & Chips

No trip to Oregon’s coast is complete without a stop at an authentic seafood shanty, much like Bowpicker, a tourist attraction and a boat-based food cart combo.

Best Soup: Būsu

Yes, there’s a category for soup. Many of the best restaurants in Astoria, Oregon, offer a bevy of innovative soups, often utilizing locally-sourced ingredients or fresh seafood. No one does it better than Būsu, a Japanese-inspired takeout joint crafting the best miso and ramen in town.

Best Steakhouse: T. Paul’s Supper Club

Supper clubs still exist, folks. And T. Paul’s is a prime example of small-town sophistication, featuring a wee bit of history and mouthwatering hunks of beef.

Photo of Drunken Noodles at the Best Thai Restaurant in Astoria, Oregon.Best Thai Cuisines: Curry & CoCo

For those craving a steaming plate of Thai basil fried rice, pad see ew, or drunken noodles, look no further than Curry & CoCo, a cute cafe on 9th Street.

Weekend Getaways in Oregon: The Riverwalk Inn

Astoria Riverwalk Inn remains an idyllic destination for a long-awaited respite, regardless of the season. Not only is it within minutes of countless top-reviewed restaurants in Astoria, Oregon, but guests will be instantly taken aback by the inn’s charm, especially those staying in a themed waterfront room. We’re also close to the area’s best yoga studios, history museums, fishing charters, and craft breweries.

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